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Top 20 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances of 2024

By Jane OrtaLast update: 2024-05-27

The kitchen should be your sanctuary. It is where good and healthy food come out to feed and nurture your body. Having a wide range of kitchen appliances allows you to try and taste different flavors and types of cooking.

If you are looking for inspiration, here are the top 20 must-have kitchen appliances.

Coffee Machine

Do you know there are more than 100 varieties of coffee? You probably want to preserve and taste the particular flavor of each type, but that is impossible without a coffee maker.

Of course, grounded coffee is available at an affordable price, but a coffee machine will take you on a surprising and pleasant journey regarding the taste.

Instead of rushing to the café every morning to get your espresso, you can enjoy your luxury morning with a cup of coffee on the table. Coffee machines specialize in espresso, latte, and cappuccino. Sound great?

What’s more, a coffee maker comes with all different sizes. You can easily find compact-sized coffee machines that make fantastic espresso. They work excellently too, heating up fast and clean up easily. You can find very affordable coffee machines. Some start at $150.

Pressure Cooker/ Slow Cooker/ Rice Cooker

You can’t leave a pressure cooker out of the must-have-kitchen-appliance list. It is simply too important and convenient to ignore. If you are not a big fan of steamed rice, no worries. A pressure cooker can make beef stew or porridge in 30 minutes.

Pressure cooking is a time-saving method to get a healthy meal on time. You don’t have to stand next to your pot and keep an eye on it, a pressure cooker can do all of that. You will save more energy and money investing in a pressure cooking unit.

This product is super easy to use. It is a great invention to reduce meal preparation time and shopping cost. No babysitting needed. If there is one thing that I want to thank, it is certainly the precious pressure cooker I have at home.

Simple meals like hard-boiled eggs are done easily. You can even bake a cake with the cooker! What a miracle! A must-have item in your kitchen.

Breakfast Station

Need to prepare a quick and healthy breakfast for your family? How about a breakfast station? This unit is a brilliant invention to reduce the morning hassle with food. A breakfast station is also a must-have item for a tiny kitchen.

Yes, if you are squeezing yourself out there, better get your breakfast station today. You won’t have to spend money on a toaster, pan, and coffee maker. Everything is included in a breakfast station.

A small breakfast station includes a non-stick griddle to cook eggs, sausage, and bacon, a coffee station for your morning sweetheart and a petite oven for toasts and bread. 3 features pack in one machine. Isn’t it great?

Quesadilla Maker

Quesadilla is no longer Mexican’s privilege. It has become a popular pick in any Mexican restaurant’s menu. No one can seem to resist the crispy, cheesy treat with lots of interesting ingredients.

It is a perfect option for snacks and finger food, but the cooking process isn’t easy especially if you don’t have a quesadilla maker.

A typical quesadilla maker comes with a locking lid, to cover the cooking surface when the machine isn’t in use. The size of this machine is small, so it is quite convenient to relocate and store. This beast will allow you to make cheesy treats without making a big mess.

Certainly a must-have in kitchen for quesadilla fans.


Who needs a toaster when you have an oven? If you have the same question, it’s time for a change. A toaster is specialized for toasts, which means the machine knows exactly what needs to be done. Whereas an oven should only be used to bake.

Nowadays, you have a lot of options to pick, from 2-slice toasters to sandwich toasters and conveyor ones. Why do you need a toaster?

It is small, convenient and cost-effective. You spend 1 minute every morning and have your delicious breakfast with ease.


When it comes to must-have kitchen appliances, a microwave is certainly on top. We can’t survive without it. Unlike food and cooking utensils, the microwave doesn’t cook food, (but you can find a lot of upgraded versions that combine grilling and microwaving) but it saves a lot of time preparing a meal.

How does a microwave assist your preparation?

If you want a quick and simple side dishes, do it with a microwave. From steamed veggies to boiled mushroom, this beast can handle them all.

Having some leftover from yesterday? No need to arrange pots and turn on the burner. All you need is to put cold food into the microwave and heat it for 2 to 3 minutes. This machine saves cooking time and effort for homeowners.

Not only that, it is a great helper when it comes to defrosting. Yes, you need to have a good microwave in your kitchen.

Roaster Oven

If you do care for the taste and quality of your food, don’t settle down with a regular oven. Having a toaster oven could significantly enhance your eating experience at home. Why?

A roaster oven doesn’t require preheating time, so it saves energy. Next, it doesn’t circulate flowing heat around the meat, therefore keeping the moisture inside your turkey and chicken.

This kitchen appliance is lightweight and quite easy to move. What does this mean? You can pack it up and bring it to the campground. It is a perfect option for a small-sized, chill camping trip.

Remember that a roaster oven isn’t suitable for anything soft such as bread or lasagna.

Waffle Iron

Why do I need to buy a waffle iron if I only make waffle once a month? You may ask yourself this question, but hey a waffle iron is more than that.

There are many ways you can make your waffle iron useful.

Instead of frying bacon on a frying pan, you can use your waffle maker instead to save cooking and cleaning time. No more greasy mess! Want a quick pizza bite? Why don’t you try a waffle crust pizza? You will love it.

What else you can do with a waffle iron? Chocolate chip cookie, scrambled eggs, doughnut waffles, and even cheeseburger waffle. Amazing right?

Soy Milk Maker

Soy milk has become a huge part of vegans and vegetarians’ daily options. Soy milk can be easily accessed from my supermarket, available in 1-liter cartons. However, drinking packaged soy milk is equivalent to consuming artificial colorings, thickeners, and sweeteners.

Therefore, buying a soy milk maker seems to be a wise choice.

A soy milk maker can make 1 to 2 liters of soy milk within 15 to 30 minutes. Some machines come with a filter, making the process less tedious. The interior lining is mostly made of stainless steel, so it stays durable.

Make your soy milk and stay healthy.


So you want to make your kitchen life better? You’d better invest in a high-quality blender.

A blender provides you with healthy smoothies, milkshake, and different mixtures. If you have small babies, a blender is a right machine to make baby food.

However, if you think that is everything a blender can do. You are wrong. This machine can help you grind nuts and coffee beans. It can even mix batters and dough for pancakes, cakes, bread, and muffins. A high-quality blender can certainly handle tasks of a food processor too.

This is a good investment to upgrade your lifestyle. Especially those who are after a healthy lifestyle, a blender allows you to create smooth, airless mixtures that are not only delicious but also good for your health.

Hot Air Fryer

Everybody is talking about hot air fryer but is it worth all the hype?

By using superheated air, the machine can fry your chicken and potatoes until crispy without using excess oil. Those who have given up deep-fried food because of health or weight loss should consider this alternative.

Without much fat, hot air fryer can fry your favorite finger foods. This beast is small, so it is convenient to use in small kitchens. It saves space and is easy to store.

What’s more, this machine uses less energy to cook, so it can save a lot of operational costs compared to a conventional oven.

Basket Deep Fryer

If you are a big fan of deep fry food, a basket deep fryer is indeed what you need to buy for your kitchen.

Most people buy basket deep fryer because of the taste and crunchiness it leaves on food. A simple frying pan can never satisfy a hungry mouth with the food texture, but a basket deep fryer can. From chicken, chips, vegetables, and potatoes, you can make delicious lunches and finger food with this machine.

The frying process is fast and the amount of oil is less than what you imagine.

Stand Mixer

Love pastries and bread? If baking is your hobby, you need a stand mixer. You spend less effort and time to gain much better quality outcomes, why not?

When it comes to whisking, a stand mixer can produce satisfying stiff peaks from whipped cream or egg whites. You will reach the desired consistency in a few minutes without breaking your arms with a hand mixer.

Most stand mixers are durable, so you invest once to use a lifetime. It is certainly a good catch for your kitchen.


Grilling has been American’s favorite cooking method. That’s why a grill in the kitchen is like clothes in a closet. They come hand in hand.

A grill can make an instant party. You can grill your favorite steaks while having a live-updating conversation with your friends. And let admit it, everything looks delicious with some grill marks on it.


Some people hate cleaning up more than cooking, but that is when a dishwasher comes into place. If you haven’t equipped your kitchen with a dishwasher yet, do it now.

Using a dishwasher is a hygienic method to clean up your dishes. Forget the old sponges full of E.coli and Salmonella, you are safe. A dishwasher reduces your housework and helps you clean tough stains. It is certainly a star in the kitchen.


A juicer can be more useful than you might have thought. It provides a quick solution for busy people and allows them to get enough nutrients by consuming juice rather than taking solid food. Just pop your go-to fruits and vegetables into the juicer and you’re done.

When buying a juicer, remember to look for the unit that is safe for the dishwasher. Slow juicers tend to be more expensive but they extract juice better and preserve nutrients.

Range Hood

To get rid of gas odors and food smells, it is necessary to have a range hood in your kitchen. This machine gets rid of pollutants and gases in your kitchen, leaving the air clean and fresh. Most modern range hoods help to remove excess heat by a built-in fan blower.

Wine Cooler

Wine coolers have become more and more popular not only for wine lovers but also for people who live in small spaces. Unlike a fridge, wine coolers work only on wine, helping to chill wines to the desired temperature.

Wine lovers love this machine because it knows exactly what to do to store wine. It is certainly more affordable than a refrigerator and saves a lot of space in the kitchen. If you love wine, a wine cooler is my recommendation.

Electric Thermos Pot

Winter could be harsh without warm drinking water. Instead of wasting your time on a pot and a gas stove, you should invest in an electric thermos pot for a quick and sustainable solution. Most electric thermos pots are compact and lightweight, so you can easily relocate them.

Plus, they come with different capacities, prices, and shapes, so that you can easily choose what suits you the most.

Electric Cooktop

If gas stoves aren’t your favorite choice, an electric cooktop could be an alternative worth considering. Electric cooktop is less messy and easier to clean. Most electric cooktops come with a sleek design, suitable for a modern kitchen.

These machines are cost-effective and energy-efficient, a perfect option for small-sized households.

The Bottom Line

Finding suitable kitchen appliances isn’t an easy task. You need to see what is your requirement and the options that are available in the market. You don’t have to buy the whole top 20 must-have kitchen appliances I recommended, but I do hope this list has sprinkled a new idea on how to set up a suitable kitchen for your preference.

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