Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Without Pods of 2022: Top 6 Picks

Last update: 2022-09-22

Equipping your kitchen with the best single-serve coffee maker without pods is a simple yet effective alternative to save your money on expensive capsules and cut down plastic waste.

To be sure you’re picking the right one, like with any other product you purchase, it’s important to consider the features for this little appliance.

Listening to experts’ advice is a good way to help you make fool-proof purchasing decisions. And, that’s where this article comes into place.

Here are the best single serve coffee makers without pods you can buy in 2022:

  • Fast Brewing: Hamilton Beach 49981A
  • Easy To Clean: KRUPS KM204D50
  • Compact Design: Elite Gourmet EHC111A
  • Durable: BELLA BLA14436
  • Largest Capacity: ADIRchef 800-01-BLK
  • Smallest Capacity: Technivorm 69212
6 Best Single Serve Coffee Makers Without Pods
Fast Brewing
Hamilton Beach 49981A
    Easy To Clean
    KRUPS KM204D50
      Compact Design
      Elite Gourmet EHC111A
        BELLA BLA14436
          Largest Capacity
          ADIRchef 800-01-BLK
            Smallest Capacity
            Technivorm 69212

              Fast Brewing: Hamilton Beach 49981A

              Hamilton Beach 49981A
              Hamilton Beach 49981A
              • Fast-brewing within 1.5-2.5 minutes
              • Flexible – multiple bold options
              • Wish there were more water temperature options

              The Hamilton Beach 49981A is like the machine-version of Flash - the super-fast superhero from DC Comics.

              It brews right into your mug, regular 8-ounce or travel-sized 14-ounce, in only 1.5 to 2.5 minutes – which is a lot faster than other counterparts at the same price ranges. For example, for brewing a 12-ounce cup, the KRUPS KM204D50 takes 5-7 minutes.

              It’s an ideal single-serve coffee machine for home or office. It even features multiple bold options to meet different needs of those whose preferences for brews change every day.

              Hamilton Beach 49981A Specifications


              8.35 x 6.7 x 8.67 inches

              Brew Time

              14-ounce: under 2.5 minutes

              8-ounce: under 1.5 minutes


              Stainless Steel

              Highlight Features

              Fast-brewing within 1.5-2.5 minutes

              multiple bold options


              The Hamilton Beach 49981A comes out on top when it comes to fast-brewing capability.

              Easy To Clean: KRUPS KM204D50

              KRUPS KM204D50
              KRUPS KM204D50
              • Easy to clean – dishwasher-safe removable parts
              • Quick and effortless to use – one-button brewing process & on/off light indicators
              • Long brewing time

              As stated above, this pod-free single-serve coffee maker isn’t a fast brewer, which means it’s not for people who have limited time in the morning. In turns, it’s super-easy to brew and easy to clean.

              It features a large permanent filter basket to not require paper filters at all and all the brewing process is effortlessly kicked off by just a single button. The light indicator, on the other hand, lets you know if the machine is on.

              The removable parts can be tossed in the dishwasher in a pinch, which comes in handy for those who don’t have the bandwidth to hand-wash utensils after each use.

              KRUPS KM204D50 Specifications


              5.91 x 5.31 x 12.32 inches

              Brew Time

              5-7 minutes


              stainless steel

              Highlight Features

              dishwasher-safe removable parts

              one-button brewing process & on/off light indicators


              If you want something effortless to use and easy to clean, then look no further than the KRUPS KM204D50

              Compact Design: Elite Gourmet EHC111A

              Elite Gourmet EHC111A
              Elite Gourmet EHC111A
              • Space-saving – 6.88 x 5.11 x 9.64 inches of measurement
              • Overheat prevention - thermal reset switch
              • No keep-warm function

              Small yet mighty, this 600W coffee maker boasts a modest footprint of 6.88 x 5.11 inches – which stays neat whether on a limited countertop or inside a narrow cabinet.

              Regardless, it can easily brew a 14-ounce cup of hot coffee to the desired boldness.

              What’s also worth talking about this brewer is it packs with full safety features like a thermal reset switch and auto-shutoff function to lesser the risks of overheating.

              Elite Gourmet EHC111A Specifications


              6.88 x 5.11 x 9.64 inches

              Brew Time

              under 60 seconds


              304 Stainless Steel

              Highlight Features

              6.88 x 5.11 x 9.64 inches of measurement

              thermal reset switch

              600W motor


              If you live in a small apartment or a house with a limited kitchen countertop, then our recommendation is the Compact Design Elite Gourmet EHC111A

              Durable: BELLA BLA14436

              BELLA BLA14436
              BELLA BLA14436
              • Durable – high-grade hard plastic and rust-free stainless steel
              • Flexible - the adjustable height drip tray
              • Multifunctional – able to make soups or oat meals
              • No auto-shutoff function

              The BELLA BLA14436 is a budget-friendly option, but definitely not cheaply-made junk in our opinion. It’s made of high-quality plastic for a sturdy hand-feel and the filter is built to last. For the price, this is a great deal!

              If you are a coffee lover who doesn't require the same amount of coffee on a daily basis, you might like this machine as it boasts an adjustable height drip tray to fit various size mugs.

              The cool thing is you can use this brewer for not only hot drinks but also for soups or oat meals. Very convenient!

              BELLA BLA14436 Specifications


              4.75 x 10 x 7.25 inches

              Brew Time

              Less than 5 minutes.


              Stainless Steel & Plastic

              Highlight Features

              high-grade hard plastic

              rust-free stainless steel

              the adjustable height drip tray


              The BELLA BLA14436 was the highest scorer during our testing process for durability. It’s also one of our favorites for coffee lovers who are on a tight budget.

              Largest Capacity: ADIRchef 800-01-BLK

              ADIRchef 800-01-BLK
              ADIRchef 800-01-BLK
              • Ideal for multiple drinkers or a heavily coffee addict - a 15-ounce extra-large water tank
              • Keep your drink staying hot longer – including a well-insulated travel mug
              • User-friendly – the great mug size to fit most vehicle cup holders
              • Wish the filter was made of stainless steel
              • Long brewing time

              If you’re looking to upgrade, the ADIRchef 800-01-BLK features a 15-ounce extra-large water tank and includes a well-insulated travel mug designed with a comfortable grip band and fitting most vehicle cup holders.

              The most incredible thing is this coffee maker can work on a smart-plug with Alexa so that you can remotely kick start it from your bed in the morning for hot coffee later.

              The water is heated up to the right temperature, which is a big bonus.

              ADIRchef 800-01-BLK Specifications


              6.7 x 5.1 x 10.1 inches



              Highlight Features

              a 15-ounce extra-large water tank

              including a well-insulated travel mug


              Whether you’re a big family who can’t start the day without a hot coffee cup or a heavy coffee addict, the ADIRchef 800-01-BLK is a great choice as it’s the largest capacity around.

              Smallest Capacity: Technivorm 69212

              Technivorm 69212
              Technivorm 69212
              • Lightweight & easy to transport - 4 pounds of weight
              • Ideal for a single serve – a 10-ounce capacity
              • The metal tube isn’t insulated

              The Technivorm 69212 can brew one 10-ounce cup at a time within 4 minutes, which is enough for a single serving. And, it’s the smallest capacity available on the market for anyone who wants something lightweight, quiet, and space-saving.

              It’s also a good choice for those who prioritize precision and safety when looking for a new single-serve coffee brewer.

              Like other siblings, this Technivorm coffee machine is 100% made of food-grade aluminum and stainless steel while all the plastic parts do not contain Phthalate, BPF, BPS, or BPA.

              Technivorm 69212 Specifications


              6.5 x 11 x 12 inches

              Brew Time

              4 minutes



              Highlight Features

              4 pounds of weight

              a 10-ounce capacity


              We highly recommend the Technivorm 69212 for those who are looking for the smallest capacity single-serve coffee maker without pods.

              How To Choose The Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Without Pods?


              Choosing to use a single-serve coffee maker without pods means you will still need to utilize a filter. Here, there are two common options: paper filters and permanent filters.

              The choice is up to your preference.

              The first option is convenient as it is disposable and doesn’t require cleaning after use.

              If you’re an environment-conscious coffee lover and don’t mind spending a few minutes to wash the filter after each use, then go for the second option.

              Cup Size

              The standard size of a coffee cup is 8 ounces. Is that enough for your needs on a daily basis?

              If the answer is yes, then it’s more budget-friendly to opt for a coffee maker with a fixed cup size option.

              On the contrary, if you find yourself needing a different amount of coffee every day or you share the coffee maker with other people, then it’s best to choose a model with an adjustable height drip tray to hence fit different cup sizes.


              Another important factor to consider when it comes to single-serve coffee makers without pods is machine size.

              The reason?

              It decides if the machine fits your countertop.

              In most cases, the smaller the machine capacity, the more compact the dimensions and the more scaled back the features.

              Which Brands Make The Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Without Pods?

              Hamilton Beach

              Founded in 1910, Hamilton Beach has been a name in kitchen appliances. When it comes to their coffee maker lines, the two things that customers give compliment on most are reliability and affordability.

              On average, a Hamilton Beach coffee machine, if properly cleaned and maintained, can last up to 5 years.


              Coffee makers without pods from KRUPS are praised for durability and practicality. They pack belts and whistles, and the price ranges are more on the steep side. However, each add-on is practical and really optimizes your coffee-brewing experience, making it really worth it.

              Elite Gourmet

              With over 37 years of experience in manufacturing kitchen products, Elite Gourmet has been a reliable stop for worldwide shoppers. They’re renowned for quality and easy-to-use features with a commitment to help you minimize preparation time.


              How do I use a coffee maker without a pod?

              Here’s a step-by-step guide to use a coffee maker without a pod:

              Step 1: Add coffee ground into the filter basket following the brand’s dosage recommendation

              Step 2: Pour water into the coffee maker tank

              Step 3: Press the power button and wait for the machine to do the rest for you.

              Can I use a Nespresso machine without pods?

              No, you can’t. To make Nespresso, you must have reusable capsules.

              How much coffee should I use in a coffee maker without a pod?

              You should use one cup of coffee and six ounces of water in a coffee maker without a pod.

              Can I use other cups/mugs, apart from the one included?

              Yes, you can.

              You can dispense your coffee directly into your cups/mugs, apart from the one included, as long as they have the same capacity or less.

              What should I do to keep my coffee maker from getting moldy?

              To keep your coffee maker from getting moldy, you should:

              Step 1: Run the machine on the highest temperature setting in plain water (without adding coffee ground or pods) at least 2 times/month.

              Step 2: Remove mineral deposits

              Step 3: After washing, let those parts air dry thoroughly

              Step 4: After assembling all the parts into the coffee maker, store it in a cool, dry place when not in use.


              Though there’s obviously no single-serve coffee maker with no pods for every budget and need, the six options above can be a good workhorse of most coffee addicts. We hope that, through this post, you will find the best single-serve coffee maker without pods for your demand.

              Thanks for reading!

              Jane Orta
              Jane Orta

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