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6 Best Pizza Pans For Frozen Pizza of 2023

By Jane OrtaLast update: 2023-11-20

Why do you need to invest in the best pizza pan for frozen pizza instead of a regular pizza pan? It can withstand high temperatures that are required to heat a hard frozen pizza. A specialized pan can help you cook a pizza with your favorite taste. Consider one from this list:

Here are the best pizza pans for frozen pizza you can buy in 2023:

  • Easy To Clean (Aluminum Pizza Pan): T-Fal
  • Best For Medium Pizza (Aluminum Pizza Pan): Crown Cookware
  • Best For Extra-Large Pizza (Aluminum Pizza Pan): Beasea
  • Best For Crispy Crust (Steel Pizza Pan): Wilton
  • High Heat Resistant (Steel Pizza Pan): GoodCook
  • Sturdy (Steel Pizza Pan): Deedro
6 Best Pizza Pans For Frozen Pizza
Easy To Clean
  • Aluminum Pizza Pan
Best For Medium Pizza
Crown Cookware
  • Aluminum Pizza Pan
Best For Extra-Large Pizza
  • Aluminum Pizza Pan
Best For Crispy Crust
  • Steel Pizza Pan
High Heat Resistant
  • Steel Pizza Pan
  • Steel Pizza Pan

Easy To Clean: T-Fal

  • Good for thin and crispy crust
  • Durable, sturdy and reliable
  • Lightweight
  • Not oven-safe

Compared to pans without holes, pans with holes are harder to clean because foods can get stuck into these holes. However, T-fal is an exception.

Although its surface is perforated to create a crispy crust without burning, its holes are small without holding toppings and cheese. Plus, this flat design doesn’t have an edge, so you can hand wash it easily. Of course, you can wash it in your dishwasher.

T-Fal Specifications


1.1 pounds


15.75 Inch

Highlight Features

Perforated pan

Dishwasher Safe

Silver color


The T-fal Aluminum Pizza Pan doesn’t take much time and effort on your part to clean it.

Best For Medium Pizza: Crown Cookware

Crown Cookware
Crown Cookware
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Too enormous holes

If you usually buy a medium pizza for a small family (2-4 people), a single-serving pizza pan isn’t large enough to hold it. And you can’t put a jumbo-sized pan into a medium oven or microwave.

Here, the 12-inch Crown Cookware pan is designed to bake any medium pizza.

Crown Cookware Specifications


4.8 ounces


12 inches

Highlight Features

A pizza tray with holes

Finest quality, high gauge, pure, food-grade aluminum

A smooth finish


This medium-sized Crown Cookware Aluminum Pizza Pan works well for small and medium-sized pizzas.

Best For Extra-Large Pizza: Beasea

  • Easy to clean
  • Thick and sturdy
  • Difficult to clean

Do you need to cook frozen pizzas for a large group of people?

If so, choose an extra-large pizza pan like a 16-inch Beasea pizza tray. It has not only a wide surface (16.14’) but also a pretty high sidewall (0.59’) for thicker pizzas.

This pan is made from heavy-duty aluminum alloy that is thick and durable enough to resist up to 300°C. With the practical experiences of customers, this pan can withstand 500°C without bending, suiting to heat something hard like a frozen pizza.

Thanks to the breathable holes on the bottom and aluminum alloy - a great heat and electricity conductor, this pan helps you cook a big pizza in a short time.

Beasea Specifications


1.2 Pounds


16 inches

Highlight Features

Non stick coating

Multiple breathable holes on the bottom

1.5mm heavy duty aluminum alloy


The extra-large sized Beasea Aluminum Pizza Pan helps you cook a big pizza in a short time.

Best For Crispy Crust: Wilton

  • Easy to clean
  • Heavy-duty use
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • A bit stick to the pan

Do you like pizza with a crispy crust?

If this is your taste, choose the Wilton steel pizza pan.

It has perforated holes that allow the heat to directly reach the bottom of the pizza to create a crispy crust.

Many customers had used this product and got a satisfactory result as expected.

Wilton Specifications


1.53 pounds


14 inches

Highlight Features

Round steel non-stick pan

Perforated holes

Side handles

Dishwasher safe


Both manufacturer and customers said that the Wilton Steel Pizza Pan can help you cook pizzas with Wilton crispy crusts.

High Heat Resistant: GoodCook

  • Non stick
  • Easy to clean
  • Big size
  • Crispy crust
  • Sturdy and well-made
  • Thin

As you know, pizzas need to be heated at a high temperature. Even frozen pizzas require higher heat because of its hardness. If your frozen pizza is thick, consider a highly heat-resistant pan like the GoodCook that can withstand up to 550°F.

GoodCook Specifications


1.5 pounds



Highlight Features

A perforated edge

Even-heating technology

Designed with convenient cutting guides

Nonstick coating

Durable carbon steel


The GoodCook Steel Pizza Pan can withstand high heat to cook the hardest frozen pizzas.

Sturdy: Deedro

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Shiny and pretty
  • Takes long time to cook
  • Not for crispy crust pizza

According to the manufacturer, their product is made from high-quality pure stainless steel for good construction without feeling it bubbled in the center.

What’s more, a heavy-gauge steel core makes the whole tray sturdy. This feature brings another benefit. It disperses heat, making pizza cooked-well without leaving underdone and overcooked spots on the bottom of your pizza.

Customers also said that it’s sturdy thanks to the size and thickness.

Deedro Specifications


1.15 pounds


13½ inch

Highlight Features

High quality pure stainless steel

The round pizza sheets

Mirror finish

Dishwasher safe


The Deedro Steel Pizza Pan is sturdy and durable that is proven by both customers and the manufacturer.

How To Choose The Best Pizza Pan For Frozen Pizza?

Which Material Is Durable?

Most pizzas are heated at high temperature because this heat level can create a perfectly cooked crust and cook cheese properly.

Meanwhile, frozen pizza requires a higher temperature because of its hardness. When choosing a pan for frozen pizza, buy one made from durable material.

Cast iron is easy to clean, quick to heat, and good to keep heat, especially it is durable enough to use on many cooktops. However, it needs to be seasoned before using.

Stainless steel is great for transferring heat. But this benefit can cause a burnt pizza crust if you aren’t careful. Besides, it’s also very easy to use and dishwasher-safe.

Aluminum is lightweight, so it’s easy to use. This material allows you to transfer heat evenly, so you can straightforwardly have a cooked-well pizza. However, cleaning this model manually is a must.

What Is The Ideal Size?

For homemade pizzas, pan size isn’t a matter. When pouring the dough into the pan, it will automatically shape your pizza.

Meanwhile, frozen pizzas have their own sizes. You should choose a pan that can hold your available frozen pizza size well. Below is the detailed information:

  • 8-inch pan: mini pizza (6’) for one person
  • 10-inch and 12-inch pan: small pizza (10’) for 2 people
  • 14-inch pan: medium pizza (13’)
  • 16-inch pan: large pizza (15’) for 4 people
  • 18-inch and 20-inch pan: fiesta pizza (18’)

In fact, there are more size versions than what I mentioned, but above are the most common.

Do You Want To Use A Pan With Holes Or Without Holes?

This depends on the crust condition you want.

While pans with holes can create a thinner and more crispy crust, pans without holes are more beneficial for thicker crust.

What Is Your Pizza Preference?

If you love deep-dish pizzas, use a light-colored pan with high sidewall that will keep the crust from burning before the toppings are melted. Plus, remember to choose a thick material that allows you to cook slower to reach this result.

Do You Need Handles?

If possible, pick up a pan with built-in handles because these parts are really useful. They come with a secure grip that can safely lift your pizza from the oven to the table.

Is Ease Of Cleaning Important?

For me, it’s important because I don’t want to waste a lot of time on cleaning.

Although a pan with nonstick coating requires hand-washing, You can easily and quickly clean any spot and stain on this type of pan with the combination of warm water and soap and a soft sponge.

When cleaning cast-iron pizza pans, it’s better to use a damp cloth that can protect its seasoning.

Stainless steel pans are the easiest-to-clean models because it’s dishwasher-safe.

Note: avoid using hard sponges and detergents in any pan unless you want to ruin its construction.

No matter what happens, follow the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer to make sure everything is right.

Is Color An Important Element?

Yes because it influences the heat feature.

The darker the color is, the more heat it holds. This color helps you cook your pizza faster, creating a crispier crust. Meanwhile, a lighter color reflects heat, cooking slower, suiting for deep-dish pizzas.

Hard anodized pans have a dark finish that helps you cook faster.

In fact, silicone glazed pans are the combination of hard anodized pans and extra coating. It is non-stick, so you can use less oil and flour, especially since they don’t need to be seasoned.

Uncoated pans are light coated pans which require seasoned before the first use. This option cooks slower, so it limits heat absorption.

How Many Types Of Pizza Pans Are There?

Pizza stones help you cook pizzas with crispy crusts because its porous surface can absorb moisture while baking.

Deep-dish pizza pans have high sidewalls, so it’s good for deep-dish pizzas.

Cutter pizza pans allow you to make pizzas with sheeted or rolled pizza dough because it can create a curved edge shape by lifting the edges of pizza crust.

Wide rim pizza pans are used for presentation and service because it has extra space for slicing and handling pizzas easier.

Pizza screens and disks allow you to bake quicker because its mesh bottom will directly transfer the heat to the pizza dough, resulting in a perfect thin crust pizza.

Regular (couple pizza pan) is made from aluminum (standard or hard-coated anodized), so it’s more durable than others. I strongly recommend this choice for commercial ovens because it’s versatile and easy to use.

Cast iron pizza pans are versatile, so you can use them in the oven, on the stovetop, on the grill and under the broiler. Its raised edge can create pizza crust edges.

Which Brands Make The Best Pizza Pan For Frozen Pizza?


T-Fal brand that was founded in 1956 specializes in frying pans. They are the first manufacturer who produced nonstick cookware. Aside from the primary product line - cookware, they also sell other cooking accessories such as irons, pressure cookers, and cooking appliances.


How do you keep frozen pizza from sticking to the pan?

You can keep frozen pizza from sticking to the pan by coating the pan with flour, fine polenta, semolina, or cornmeal and make your dough less sticky by adding extra flour and cornmeal.

Note: use little cornmeal. If not, it can burn and smoke your pizza in the oven.

What is better: pizza pan or stone?

The answer depends on your needs

Pizza stone.

Although it’s hard to shape your pizza on a stone and it's especially easy to break, many people still choose the pizza stone. Everything happens for a reason.

Once your pizza stone is preheated for hours, it will immediately cook your pizza when you put the dough in the stone, creating a perfectly crispy crust.

However, this item requires a long time of cooking, at least 1-2 hours. It makes your kitchen hotter and costs more money on your energy bill. Without being careful, your pizza’s outer crust can become harder and crunchier.

Pizza Pan

The crust is less crispy than the pizza stone. The pizza pan takes time to heat before cooking, but it doesn’t require you to preheat before using.

But, it’s easy to clean, store, and use. You just need to pour the dough on a pan and heat. It can determine the size and shape of your pizza.

Is a pizza pan with holes better?

This depends on the taste of each person.

A pizza pan with holes allows the heat to directly reach the bottom of your pizza quicker. It can create a crispy crust because this pan decreases the moisture level of pizza. This type of pan evenly cooks through holes, working best for reheating pizza leftovers, but it isn’t efficient enough to cook thick-crust pizzas. Without being careful, you can burn your pizza. These holes make cleaning your pan more difficult. And it isn’t as flexible as models without holes.

Choose a pizza pan without holes if you want to cook a soft and chewy pizza. This type of pan doesn’t have good airflow, keeping moisture, so its crust is softer and less crispy. It also takes more time to cook than pans with holes. Because without holes, sometimes, you can cook your pizza unevenly. Compared to pans with holes, this type of pizza pan allows you to clean a flat surface easier. Plus, it’s so versatile that you can use it for cooking pies, cake, and other baking alternatives.

Do you grease a pizza pan for a frozen pizza?



The best pizza pan for frozen pizza should be durable enough to withstand high temperatures because this type of pizza is hard. Plus, depending on your taste, a suitable pan can produce a crispy crust, soft and chewy pizza, or a deep-dish pizza.

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