9 Best Dishwasher-Safe Pots And Pans of 2023

Last update: 2023-03-22

A set of dishwasher-safe pots and pans can be your best friend when you’re cooking.

But let us tell you the truth that not all cookware pieces on the market are dishwasher-safe as advertised. To avoid choosing wrong ones, please read through this ultimate guide where our testers share their experience during years of testing dozens sets on the market.

Also, here are the best dishwasher-safe pots and pans that they’re compiled.

Here are the best dishwasher-safe pots and pans you can buy in 2023:

  • Even Heating (Aluminum Pots and Pans): T-Fal E765SEFA
  • Durable (Aluminum Pots and Pans): Rachael Ray 87641
  • Budget Option (Aluminum Pots and Pans): Farberware 21809
  • Easy To Hold (Ceramic Pots and Pans): Goodful 12 Piece
  • Best For Medium Heat (Ceramic Pots and Pans): GreenPan CC002482-001
  • Best For Induction Stovetop (Ceramic Pots and Pans): COOKSMARK SW701
  • Best For High Heat (Stainless Steel Pots and Pans): Circulon 70057
  • Best For Retaining Heat (Stainless Steel Pots and Pans): Calphalon 2095338
  • Fast Heating (Stainless Steel Pots and Pans): Goodful 12-Piece Classic
9 Best Dishwasher-Safe Pots And Pans
Even Heating
T-Fal E765SEFA
  • Aluminum Pots and Pans
Rachael Ray 87641
  • Aluminum Pots and Pans
Budget Option
Farberware 21809
  • Aluminum Pots and Pans
Easy To Hold
Goodful 12 Piece
  • Ceramic Pots and Pans
Best For Medium Heat
GreenPan CC002482-001
  • Ceramic Pots and Pans
Best For Induction Stovetop
  • Ceramic Pots and Pans
Best For High Heat
Circulon 70057
  • Stainless Steel Pots and Pans
Best For Retaining Heat
Calphalon 2095338
  • Stainless Steel Pots and Pans
Fast Heating
Goodful 12-Piece Classic
  • Stainless Steel Pots and Pans

Even Heating: T-Fal E765SEFA

T-Fal E765SEFA
T-Fal E765SEFA
  • Leverage your cooking experience - the patented Thermo Spot Technology
  • Even heating - the thickened bottom design with hard titanium reinforced nonstick coating
  • Not suitable for induction cooktops

We’d like to start this list with the T-fal E765SEFA – one of our favorite picks.

What sets it apart from other brands is the patented Thermo Spot Technology, which tells you when the pan is done with the preheating and it’s time to add ingredients. This way, your food is better sealed in flavor and cooked evenly.

Cookware pieces from T-fal are also known for the thickened bottom design with hard titanium reinforced nonstick coating, which does a great job at preventing warps and cold spots.

T-Fal E765SEFA Specifications

What’s Included

a 3 quart steamer insert with 2 side handles

5 quart Dutch oven with lid

3 quart saucepan with lid

2 quart saucepan with lid

1 quart saucepan with lid

10.25 inches square griddle

11.5 inches fry pan with lid

10.25 inches fry pan

8 inches fry pan

Temperature Tolerance Range

lids up to 350 degree Fahrenheit

Oven safe up to 400 degree Fahrenheit

Highlight Features

the patented Thermo Spot Technology

the thickened bottom design

hard titanium reinforced nonstick coating


Of all the aluminum pots and pans we tested, the T-fal E765SEFA boasts the best even-heating capability

Durable: Rachael Ray 87641

Rachael Ray 87641
Rachael Ray 87641
  • Super-durable - hard-anodized aluminum material
  • Shatter-resistant & tight-sealing – glass lids with stainless-steel rims
  • Sturdy & safe - dual-riveted handles with cool-to-touch silicone cover
  • Not suitable for induction cooktops
  • The cookware pieces are prone to slide right off of the burner

Speaking of durability, the Rachael Ray 87641 is our solid winner. The key reason is they are made of hard-anodized aluminum material – which is a lot stronger than other kinds of aluminum and stainless-steel. Plus, they are safe, easy to clean, and heat up evenly.

The glass lids are another notable feature.

They are shatter-resistant and fit snugly to the pots for superior moisture retention. The dual-riveted handles with cool-to-touch silicone cover protect your hands from potential burns.

We also loved its beautiful design.

Rachael Ray 87641 Specifications

What’s Included


3-Quart Sauté Pan with Lid

8.5-Inch & 10-Inch Frying Pans

6-Quart Stockpot with Lid

1-Quart & 2-Quart Saucepans with Lid

Temperature Tolerance Range

400 degrees F

Highlight Features

hard-anodized aluminum material

glass lids with stainless-steel rims

dual-riveted handles with cool-to-touch silicone cover


If you need a truly durable aluminum cookware set, you don’t do better than the Rachael Ray 87641

Budget Option: Farberware 21809

Farberware 21809
Farberware 21809
  • Reliable – lifetime warranty
  • A great value – including 6 Prestige Kitchen Tools
  • May not be suitable for making big family meals

Want a new aluminum cookware set but on a tight budget? Don’t worry! We think you’ll love this option – the Farberware 21809.

Like other versions, this one is sturdy, budget-friendly, and supported by the manufacturer’s industry-leading lifetime warranty, so you can enjoy peace of mind by shopping for them. The set includes all the basic cookware pieces to meet your daily cooking jobs, even baking.

We love that, despite the low price, the set still comes with 6 Prestige Kitchen Tools to ensure the cooking surfaces are protected from scratches and last longer. So thoughtful!

Farberware 21809 Specifications

What’s Included

6 kitchen utensils

medium cookie pan

11 inch square griddle

10 inch frying pan with lid

8 inch frying pan

5 quart dutch oven with lid

1 and 2 quart saucepans with lids

Temperature Tolerance Range

350-450 degrees F

Highlight Features

lifetime warranty

including 6 Prestige Kitchen Tools


The Farberware 21809 gives us more than what could be expected on a budget option.

Easy To Hold: Goodful 12 Piece

Goodful 12 Piece
Goodful 12 Piece
  • Easy to hold - riveted stainless-steel handles in ergonomic shape
  • Easy to lift up and maneuver – the moderate weight
  • A health-minded set - three bamboo kitchen utensils
  • Wish the bamboo spoons were sanded more thoroughly
  • The top of the handles (the part that’s close to the pan) is not completely heat-resistant

Slippery handles of pots or pans are not just about inconvenience but also impact on your safety during cooking. Not saying that too heavy cookware pieces could be a struggle for people with weak hands when they want to lift it up and move around.

The solution?

We find that Goodful can solve all of those issues! They boast riveted stainless-steel handles designed in ergonomic shape to give you the best comfort when holding. They are also cool-to-touch and easily maneuverable.

Each cookware piece is thoughtfully made in moderate weight so that one can lift it up with ease.

We also fall for the three bamboo kitchen utensils included in the package. Bamboo is more sustainable than other materials.

Goodful 12 Piece Specifications

What’s Included

3 Bamboo Kitchen Tools

4 Qt. Deep Cooker Saute Pan with Lid

6 Qt. Stockpot with Lid

2.5 Qt. Saucepan with Lid

11" Fry Pan

9.5" Fry Pan

8" Fry Pan

Temperature Tolerance Range

up to 400˚F

Highlight Features

riveted stainless-steel handles in ergonomic shape

three bamboo kitchen utensils


We highly recommend the Goodful 12 Piece - Ceramic Pots and Pans for those who want something easy to hold

Best For Medium Heat: GreenPan CC002482-001

GreenPan CC002482-001
GreenPan CC002482-001
  • Vintage looking – Turquoise exteriors
  • Energy-efficient - Fast-heating at low to medium heat
  • Affordable
  • Not as durable as higher-end options

The GreenPan CC002482-001 is an affordable option for those who frequently cook at low to medium heat. They quickly get hot from low to medium heat with no oil required, so there's no need for high heat.

You won’t feel this set is cheaply made at all. They feature heavy-gauge aluminum construction, along with durable diamond-reinforced nonstick coating.

The handles are wrapped with heat-resistant silicone covers for grips and safety. Besides, this set is composed of four bamboo kitchen utensils. What else to ask?

GreenPan CC002482-001 Specifications

What’s Included

4 bamboo tools

stainless steel steamer

5 quart casserole with lid

2.8 quart sauté pan with lid

1.2 quart and 2.2 quart saucepans with lids

5", 8", and 10" frypans

Temperature Tolerance Range

up to 350°F

Highlight Features

350-degree heat resistance

Turquoise color


The GreenPan CC002482-001 is an excellent performer at medium heat.

Best For Induction Stovetop: COOKSMARK SW701

  • Suitable for all types of cooktops – induction-friendly base design
  • High-quality - Swiss-engineered Terralon ceramic nonstick coating
  • Comfy and firm to hold - hollow-shape dual-riveted handles
  • Expensive

What truly sets these cookware pots and pans from COOKSMART apart is the induction-suitable base, making it one of rare options on the market at this price point that work on all types of cooktops.

The interior is Swiss-engineered Terralon ceramic nonstick coated – which hardly peels or chips off after years of use.

As an added bonus, the hollow-shape dual-riveted handles are comfortable and grippy to hold. They are also durable.

COOKSMARK SW701 Specifications

What’s Included

5.2-quart casserole with lid

2.4-quart sauté pan with lid

2.5-quart sauce pan with lid

1.8-quart sauce pan with lid

8-inch and 9.5-inch omelet pans

Temperature Tolerance Range

up to 450℉

Highlight Features

induction-friendly base design

Swiss-engineered Terralon ceramic nonstick coating

hollow-shape dual-riveted handles


If you want high-performance ceramic pots and pans in induction stovetop, the COOKSMARK SW701 is the one for you

Best For High Heat: Circulon 70057

Circulon 70057
Circulon 70057
  • Great performance at high heat – 500-Degree-F heat tolerance capability
  • Extraordinary scratch resistance - SteelShield
  • Very heavy

There’re two things that we were pleasantly impressed by this stainless steel cookware set from Circulon: SteelShield and extra-high temperature tolerance range.

What is SteelShield? – you might ask. This exclusive feature makes the cookware’s interior hardly scratched or chipped, even when you scrape it with a metal kitchen utensil – something that other similar counterparts barely do.

This feature also increases the temperature tolerance capability of the cookware pieces, up to 500 degrees F. And, while you’re cooking, there will be no hot spots, warps, or temperature swings.

Circulon 70057 Specifications

What’s Included

13-inch Slotted Turner / Spatula

12-inch Frying Pan with Lid

9.5-inch Frying Pan

6.5-quart Stockpot with Lid

3-quart Saucepan with Lid

1.5-quart Saucepan with Lid

Temperature Tolerance Range


Highlight Features

500-Degree-F heat tolerance capability



The Circulon 70057 beats out the competition to earn our top pick honor for high-heat stainless-steel cookware set.

Best For Retaining Heat: Calphalon 2095338

Calphalon 2095338
Calphalon 2095338
  • Great heat retention - impact-bonded aluminum base
  • Convenient to cook - straining covers, pour spouts, and measurement marks
  • Dependable - lifetime warranty
  • The grooves are a bit difficult to clean
  • Wish the skillet had a helper handle

Like other Calphalon cookware products, this set is backed by the manufacturer’s industry-leading lifetime warranty. But what truly impresses us is how effective they are at retaining heat.

These pots and pans feature an impact-bonded aluminum base, which helps them retain heat crazily and thus transfer heat evenly. They are our favorite choice for sautéing, searing, and browning.

We also appreciate the added straining covers, pour spouts, and measurement marks, leveling up your cooking experience.

Calphalon 2095338 Specifications

What’s Included

7-qt. dutch oven with cover

3-qt. saute pan with cover

2.5-qt. saucepan with cover

1.5-qt. saucepan with cover

10" fry pan

8" fry pan

Temperature Tolerance Range

450 degrees F

Highlight Features

impact-bonded aluminum base

straining covers, pour spouts, and measurement marks

lifetime warranty


If you need a stainless cookware set that has the best heat-retaining capability available, then don’t hesitate to pick the Calphalon 2095338

Fast Heating: Goodful 12-Piece Classic

Goodful 12-Piece Classic
Goodful 12-Piece Classic
  • Fast-heating - the triple-layer, impact-bonded base design
  • Able to cook sticky foods and delicate eggs to perfection - nonstick frying pan
  • Keep your kitchen neat and less grease splashing - splatter screen
  • The 201 food-grade stainless steel doesn’t last long as other kinds of steel

The Goodful 12-Piece Classic Stainless Steel Pots and Pans heat up so fast at medium heat and distribute heat evenly, all thanks to the triple-layer, impact-bonded base design.

The nonstick frying pan is a handy addition in this set; it helps you cook sticky foods or delicate eggs to perfection with no issues.

We’re quite satisfied with the accessories. Pieces like the steamer basket, splatter screen, helper handles, and universal lid are barely found on other cookware sets that we tested.

Goodful 12-Piece Classic Specifications

What’s Included

11.25" splatter screen

4 quart jumbo cooker with stainless steel lid

5 quart Dutch oven with stainless steel lid and steamer basket insert

10" fry pan

8" non-stick fry pan

3 quart sauce pan with stainless steel lid

2 quart sauce pan with stainless steel lid

Temperature Tolerance Range

up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit

Highlight Features

the triple-layer, impact-bonded base design

nonstick frying pan

splatter screen


The Goodful 12-Piece Classic stands out for fast-heating ability and practical accessories that other cookware sets at the same price range barely provide.

How To Choose The Best Dishwasher-Safe Pots And Pans?


Pots and pans are made of a variety of materials, but only a few of them are dishwasher-friendly.

Ceramic, stainless-steel, and aluminum are some typical examples because they all are durable and heat-resistant.


Ceramic pots and pans make you worry-free about food reactions to acidic ingredients during cooking. They take no risk of leaving metallic tastes in the food, either.

But take note that not all ceramic cookware pieces are manufactured equally. Some are prone to chip off after only a few washes.


This is a very sturdy material option.

Stainless-steel pots and pans are known for even heat distribution and fast-heating capability. But they may be heavier than other materials, especially thick ones. So, make sure to consider your wrist strength before choosing a stainless-steel cookware piece.

Another minor drawback is they can be slightly sticky during cooking. And the price is a bit on the steep side.


Aluminum is a more budget-friendly option than the previous whilst providing the same strength and durability.

It’s also lightweight and easy to maneuver.

However, aluminum pots and pans probably get stained, even discolored if you cook colored foods in them. Many of them also leave a metallic taste on the food.

Bonus: We recommend you to check for the dishwasher-safe logo on the cookware during your purchases.

Type Of Your Cook Stove

While most pots and pans work well on gas and electric hobs, not so many options feature induction-compatible bases to work on this type of cook stove.

Therefore, if you are using induction heaters, make sure to consider magnetized pots and pans. Stainless-steel is a popular option.

Bonus: Hard-anodized aluminum pots and pans work best on solid hotplates.

Should I Go For Nonstick Cookware?

When looking for a new set of pots and pans, chances are that question might pop up in your mind.

The answer?

We would say it depends on your personal cooking style and needs.

Nonstick cookware comes in handy during cooking, especially if you cook delicate dishes and sauces. They prevent the food from sticking to the bottom, which makes cleaning fast and effortless.

But nonstick pots and pans still have certain defects like steep prices or the risks of peeling or chipping off – which results in some health risks if you eat them.

If you intend to choose nonstick cookware, make sure they’re high-quality and made by a reliable manufacturer.

Which Brands Make The Best Dishwasher-Safe Pots And Pans?


T-fal is one of the longest-standing US companies in the industry and also the first creator of nonstick cookware, which really convinces us. There, you’ll feel free to shop from a variety of cookware pieces, all of which share a few things in common: superior performance, durability, and innovation.


Farberware was officially established in 1900 and started manufacturing stainless steel cookware in 1944. Up to now, they have been the largest manufacturer in the United States. Their products are widely found in almost renown retailers like Walmart.


Started in 2007, Greenpan grows their successful business from high-quality ceramic nonstick cookware lines, aiming to alternative the traditional coating and help more people reach a healthier cooking style. And, they did. The brand won America’s favorite magazines award.


Are pots and pans really dishwasher safe?

As long as the pots and pans have the dishwasher-safe logo, you can put them in the dishwasher.

What do I put in a dishwasher to clean pots and pans?

Adding three drops of liquid dishwashing soap - like a Cascade Platinum ActionPac - to the soap slot of your dishwasher can help break down and rinse off caked food with no pre-washing required.

Above all, it doesn’t ruin the nonstick coating of the cookware pieces.

Should I rinse pots and pans before using the dishwasher?

No, you shouldn’t.

According to many dishwasher manufacturers, it’s not necessary to rinse pots and pans before using the machine.

All you need to do is to remove the leftovers (if there’s any) from the cookware, then stack them into the dishwasher.

Why are my pots and pans still dirty after the dishwasher?

If you find your pots and pans are still dirty after the dishwasher, the cause could be the filters' failure to trap debris, which then leads to blocked pipes and dirty cookware when they go in.

Can I leave clean pots and pans in the dishwasher overnight?

It’d be better to remove clean pots and pans after the dishwasher.

Still, if you leave the door open after completing a dishwasher cycle, then chances are that the pots and pans will be dried fully and not get moldy.


There’s no perfect dishwasher-safe pots and pans for every lifestyle and cooking type. Still, there’re a lot of great options for your needs. Depending on the information we have shown here, you can easily determine and pick the best dishwasher-safe pots and pans for yourself.

That’s all for this post. Thanks for reading!

Jane Orta
Jane Orta

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