6 Best Damascus Kitchen Knife Sets of 2022

Last update: 2022-06-27

Why should you invest in a Damascus kitchen knife set while you can easily find knives with the same sharpness? Asides from performance, this type of knife is famous for its beauty and durability because of its Damascus patterns. It is made from dozens of wavelike pattern layers for durability and sharp blade edges, so you can use it for different purposes. Here is the top list of the best Damascus kitchen knife set:

Here are the best damascus kitchen knife sets you can buy in 2022:

  • Rust Resistant: Enowo Damascus Knife Set
  • Best Steak Knives: Best Buy Damascus1 Steak Knives Set
  • Best Craftsmanship: JUNYUJIANGCHEN Chefs Knife Set
  • Ultra Sharp: TUO Damascus Kitchen Knife Set
  • Easy To Clean: W Trading Professional Kitchen Knives
  • Durable: YARENH Kitchen Knife Set
6 Best Damascus Kitchen Knife Sets
Rust Resistant
Enowo Damascus Knife Set
    Best Steak Knives
    Best Buy Damascus1 Steak Knives Set
      Best Craftsmanship
      JUNYUJIANGCHEN Chefs Knife Set
        Ultra Sharp
        TUO Damascus Kitchen Knife Set
          Easy To Clean
          W Trading Professional Kitchen Knives
            YARENH Kitchen Knife Set

              Rust Resistant: Enowo Damascus Knife Set

              Enowo Damascus Knife Set
              Enowo Damascus Knife Set
              • Super sharp
              • Beautiful and cool look
              • Durable
              • Well-balanced
              • Heavy

              Like other metal tools, a Damascus knife can also be rusted. Even a “rust-resistant” Damascus steel might rust over time if you use it without carefulness.

              So, is this knife set rust-resistant as what the manufacturer said?

              Unluckily, the answer is no. It isn’t rust-resistant completely. However, it’s not as easy to rust as other Damascus kitchen knife sets if you use it carefully.

              Specifically, it is made from professional 67-layer Damascus high carbon stainless steel that can resist rusting and corrosion better than other materials. So, this is a common material for producing Japanese quality cutting tools.

              To minimize the capacity of rusting, you must follow the notes from the manufacturer:

              • Don’t use it for cutting bones and hard food.
              • Don’t wash it in a dishwasher.
              • Don’t let it touch corrosive materials such as hydrochloric acid and saline water.
              • Clean it with water, wipe with a dry cloth and store in a dry and ventilated place after each use.
              Enowo Damascus Knife Set Specifications

              What’s Included

              An 8-inch chef knife

              A 7-inch santoku knife

              A 4.5-inch utility knife

              Handle Material

              Stainless Steel

              Highlight Features

              The pure manual V-shaped cutting edge-11 degree

              Non-Stick and Razor Sharp Blade

              The beautiful damascus rose pattern


              The Enowo Damascus Knife Set is more rust-resistant than other Damascus knife sets, thanks to its premium material.

              Best Steak Knives: Best Buy Damascus1 Steak Knives Set

              Best Buy Damascus1 Steak Knives Set
              Best Buy Damascus1 Steak Knives Set
              • Extremely sharp
              • Great description
              • Pretty
              • Well-balanced
              • Easy to leave scratches on the handles

              A wonderful steak knife should have a small size to cut small pieces of steak and the 5-inch Best Buy Damascus1 kitchen knife set can meet this requirement.

              Besides, these knives have a resistance from the knife, a smooth and sharp edge, so you can cut through your steak cleanly without tearing it. Everything happens for a reason. While the premium Japanese 67-layer steel can wonderfully retain edge, its 12 degree pro razor edge helps you create ultra sharp cuts.

              Best Buy Damascus1 Steak Knives Set Specifications

              What’s Included

              An 8-inch Chef ’s Knife

              An 8-inch Bread Knife

              An 8-inch Slicing Knife

              A 7-inch Santoku Knife

              A 6-inch Boning Knife

              A 5-inch Utility knife

              A 3.5-inch Paring Knife

              An 8-slot Slim Dark Wood Block

              Handle Material


              Highlight Features

              Japanese super steel cutting core

              66 layers of premium high-carbon stainless steel

              12 degree pro razor edge

              Ergonomically designed handles


              Best Buy Damascus1 Steak Knives Set can provide you with tender cuts because it slices like butter.

              Best Craftsmanship: JUNYUJIANGCHEN Chefs Knife Set

              JUNYUJIANGCHEN Chefs Knife Set
              JUNYUJIANGCHEN Chefs Knife Set
              • Stable
              • Elegant and beautiful
              • Very sharp
              • Easy to use
              • Comfortable to hold the knives
              • Expensive

              The JUNYUJIANGHEN Chefs knife set shows the best craftsmanship of the carpenter, who made everything with hands from polishing to engraving.

              Apart from beautiful Damascus patterns on the blades, every finest detail has been attended to as carefully as possible.

              Their white shadow wood handle is forged with hands within 188 days, so that this part has a solid and ergonomic design that provides you with a secure and comfortable grip.

              Also, its knife block set has a new design with minimalist and transparent shape for good airflow, which can keep your knives dry better than other designs.

              JUNYUJIANGCHEN Chefs Knife Set Specifications

              What’s Included

              An 8-inch chef's knife

              A 6-inch Nakiri knife

              A 3.5-inch paring knife

              An 8-inch bread knife

              A 7-inch santoku knife

              A 5-inch utility knife

              A 6-inch boning knife

              A wood block

              Handle Material

              White shadow wood

              Highlight Features

              Minimalist knife block design

              Real solid wood handles


              JUNYUJIANGCHEN Chefs Knife Set is an extremely beautiful and functional product set.

              Ultra Sharp: TUO Damascus Kitchen Knife Set

              TUO Damascus Kitchen Knife Set
              TUO Damascus Kitchen Knife Set
              • Rust, corrosion, and discoloration-resistant
              • Beautiful
              • Sturdy
              • Easy to use
              • Comfortable
              • Not for big hands

              Do you want to cut hard things like bones or hard fruit peels?

              If so, you need a very sharp knife.

              Let the TUO Damascus kitchen knife set with ultra sharp blades help you solve this problem.

              These blades are made by hands of experienced craftworkers. Plus, each of them is sharpened and polished 3 times as carefully as possible to reach a razor-sharp cutting edge. Thus, knives in this set can create smooth cuts without tearing.

              TUO Damascus Kitchen Knife Set Specifications

              What’s Included

              An 8-inch Chef Knife

              A 6.5-inch Nakiri Knife

              A 3.5-inch Paring Knife

              Handle Material


              Highlight Features

              Premium damascus steel blade

              A high level rust-resistance, wear-resistance

              12-15° Per Side Sharp Blade


              The TUO Damascus Kitchen Knife Set is so ultra sharp that it can cut hard things like bones and hard fruit peels.

              Easy To Clean: W Trading Professional Kitchen Knives

              W Trading Professional Kitchen Knives
              W Trading Professional Kitchen Knives
              • Beautiful
              • Good price
              • Balanced weight
              • Easy to rust if take care of it improperly

              The key to ease of cleaning is that you do not have many things to clean.

              This set comes with a roll case bag for storage after every use. Each of them has a leather case that will protect your knives from the buildup of dirt and dust. Therefore, it is extremely easy and quick to clean these knives.

              According to the manufacturer, you even can easily clean this set when it is rust, but their product is rust resistant.

              W Trading Professional Kitchen Knives Specifications

              What’s Included

              8 knives

              A real leather pouch

              8 knife cases

              Handle Material


              Highlight Features

              Alloy steel blade


              The W Trading professional kitchen knives take less time and effort on your end to clean this product.

              Durable: YARENH Kitchen Knife Set

              YARENH Kitchen Knife Set
              YARENH Kitchen Knife Set
              • Shiny handle
              • Highly functional
              • Beautiful
              • Well-made
              • Sharp
              • Non-dishwasher

              This knife set is durable in everything. The blades are made from 73-layer Damascus high carbon steel material that features a high level of durability. Meanwhile, the handle is made from durable Dalbergia - natural solid wood that can add extra strength to your blade while using.

              YARENH Kitchen Knife Set Specifications

              What’s Included

              An 8-inch chef knife

              A 1.8-inch bread knife

              A 1.7-inch santoku knife

              A 1.8-inch sashimi knife

              A 1.5-inch kitchen utility knife

              A knife whetstone

              A knife block

              A kitchen shears

              A 1.8-piece knife

              Handle Material

              Dalbergia Wood

              Highlight Features

              73 layers of Damascus steel blade


              YARENH Kitchen Knife Set is durable enough to perform heavy-duty tasks in your kitchen.

              How To Choose The Best Damascus Kitchen Knife Set?

              How Many Ways Of Producing Damascus Knives Are There?

              There are 3 methods:


              This is the most traditional way for Damascus knives. The manufacturer will fold different steel many times during the forging process to make true Damascus knives.


              Although this type replicates the Damascus steel look, it doesn’t go through the traditional processes. Thus, this isn't a true Damascus knife that lacks the quality of an accurate model.

              Modern (Coated Blades)

              This is the combination of pure steel core and a layer of forge Damascus steel. This producing way is used for adding extra strength and stability and improving stain-resistant ability.

              How Heavy Should A Damascus Kitchen Knife Be?

              Though a heavy knife is more durable, it isn’t easy to handle. Meanwhile, a lightweight unit allows you to control it easily, but it isn’t strong. It’s best to invest in one with the balance of both worlds. A Damascus knife should be durable enough for your strength to hold it with your hands firmly.

              Which Material Is The Best For The Damascus Knife Handle?

              If you just care about the blade and skip the quality of the handle, you make a serious mistake. The handle provides your knife with the grip that can cut each slash exactly. It also influences how firmly you can hold the knife and which direction you have over the blade. Once you understand the importance of this part, consider the handle materials below:


              This material is expensive, but it is worth it. Hardwood is so durable that it can last for a long time. If you are looking for a budget version, consider some treated and stabilized wood handled knives.


              This material comes with many benefits, such as rustproof and lightweight features, corrosion resistance, and affordable price. You can choose a colored version to improve the texture and overall look. However, the aluminum handle is limited in the grip.


              Bone mainly comes from animal bones. Though this material is common and varies in colors and shapes, it is slippery. Some kinds of bone handles have improved grip, but they are brittle, and easy to crack, deform, even absorb moisture and water.

              Stainless Steel

              Stainless steel material is affordable but durable. Specifically, it has a high ability to resist rust, dent, corrosion and scratches. Plus, you can easily clean a stainless steel knife because it isn’t easy to rust and corrosion. Despite a smooth and slippery surface, manufacturers will add something to create grip such as stampings dots, rubber lines, and engravings patterns.

              Which Types Of Damascus Kitchen Knives Should You Invest In?

              Chef’s knife is a primary tool since it’s versatile, which allows you to perform different tasks in your kitchen. It’s important to buy a high carbon stainless steel chef’s knife for regular use because of its durability, ease of care, and good edge retention. Normally, both professionals and home cooks appreciate 8-inch blades because their size is ideal for performing most tasks in a kitchen.

              Paring knives have a 3-4 inch blade. This size is ideal to use for small fruits, meat preparations, and other delicate kitchen tasks.

              Sharpening steel isn’t expensive but very useful, so you should invest in one for your kitchen. It varies in sizes: 8-12 inches, but you should choose one that is longer than your knives.

              Bread and serrated knives can slice all kinds of bread and cut fruits and vegetables with tough skins such as melons and pineapples. Although you can’t sharpen this type of knife’s serrated blades with sharpening steel, it is strong enough to use for a long time.

              Which Brands Make The Best Damascus Kitchen Knife Set?


              This is a professional kitchen knife brand in Yangjiang, which is the hometown of China’s kitchen knives. Thanks to over 20 years of experience, professional knowledge, and passion, they have designed and produced high-quality stainless steel cooking knives.


              Is Damascus steel high quality?

              Yes. Its original material is cast from a wootz that was made in India over 2000 years ago for making weapons.

              After many times of innovation, the current Damascus knives have 2 steel layers: low and high carbon steel. The latter is harder, creating a very fine edge, but it is also brittle, easy to chip and snap. Meanwhile, the former is softer, which can’t hold an edge long, but it is more flexible without chipping easily. The Damascus steel knife merges both attributes, so it’s hard and flexible enough to retain a sharp edge without chipping.

              Are Damascus knives worth it?

              Yes. The Damascus knives are worth both aesthetics and sharpness. Although you can easily buy a knife with equal, even better performance at a lower price, the damascening process is lengthy and expensive. The latter is its worthy feature.

              How much should a Damascus knife set cost?

              The price range of a Damascus knife set varies.

              Can Damascus steel be faked?

              Yes. Some manufacturers will fake them using acid etching or laser etching to create patterns on stainless steel or carbon steel blades. This is the way damascus steel blades are made.

              Do Damascus knives rust?

              Yes, if you don’t take care of your Damascus knives properly.


              What is a true Damascus kitchen knife set?

              It should be made of many layers of steels and the Damascus patterns aren’t created from laser etching. To make sure for a right purchase, simply pick one from this list. These products on this list are real high-quality models. You just need to determine your needs and buy the best Damascus kitchen knife set here.

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              Jane Orta

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