6 Best Chocolate Tempering Machines of 2022

Last update: 2022-09-28

Is there a way to help make chocolate batches with less babysitting, more consistent flavor?

Yes, there is. The best chocolate tempering machine can do that beautifully, no matter your cooking level.

If this machine sounds quite new to you, then let us give you some recommendations and guides. Scroll down to read more!

Here are the best chocolate tempering machines you can buy in 2022:

  • Easy To Clean: VEVOR D2002-4
  • Largest Capacity: ALDKitchen ALD-CM6M
  • Smallest Capacity: GorillaRock GR-CM3M-S
  • Single Pot: GorillaRock GR-D20049
  • Fast Heating: ALDKitchen ALD-D20048
  • Evenly Heating: Gdrasuya10 Chocolate Melting Pot
6 Best Chocolate Tempering Machines
Easy To Clean
VEVOR D2002-4
    Largest Capacity
    ALDKitchen ALD-CM6M
      Smallest Capacity
      GorillaRock GR-CM3M-S
        Single Pot
        GorillaRock GR-D20049
          Fast Heating
          ALDKitchen ALD-D20048
            Evenly Heating
            Gdrasuya10 Chocolate Melting Pot

              Easy To Clean: VEVOR D2002-4

              VEVOR D2002-4
              VEVOR D2002-4
              • Easy to clean – the four rust- and corrosion-resistant 304-grade stainless steel food warmers
              • Energy-efficient - M-shaped heating tube
              • Wish it was more durable

              No nooks. No tight corners. The four 304-grade stainless steel food warmers are resistant to corrosion, heat, and rust. They all make this VEVOR chocolate tempering machine easy to clean with a wet towel.

              What’s more?

              It boasts an M-shaped heating tube that uses hot water to keep the food/chocolate silky and mellow all the time.

              Compared to other counterparts, this model is 20% more heat-efficient.

              VEVOR D2002-4 Specifications


              19'' x 14'' x 7''


              8 kg/17.6 lbs.

              Temperature Range


              Highlight Features

              the four rust- and corrosion-resistant 304-grade stainless steel food warmers

              M-shaped heating tube


              The VEVOR D2002-4 stands out as our favorite model when it comes to the best easy-to-clean automated chocolate tempering machine.

              Largest Capacity: ALDKitchen ALD-CM6M

              ALDKitchen ALD-CM6M
              ALDKitchen ALD-CM6M
              • Suitable for small businesses - 27 pounds of the total capacity
              • Idea for off-site catering – portable design
              • No extensive training required - user-friendly pot
              • Wish it was made of higher-grade stainless steel

              When looking for the largest capacity chocolate tempering machine, our eyes were trapped into this one – the ALDKitchen ALD-CM6M.

              It offers six tanks for 27 pounds of the total capacity, which is suitable for a small business like a hostel, café, or coffee shop. Meanwhile, 1000W of power consumption is reasonably energy-efficient.

              But what makes the product stand out from other similar counterparts is the portable design to be utilized for off-site catering. Besides, it’s user-friendly.

              ALDKitchen ALD-CM6M Specifications


              28 x 17.8 x 8.5 inches


              27 lbs. (12 kilos)

              Temperature Range

              0-80 degrees C

              Highlight Features

              27 pounds of the total capacity

              portable design

              user-friendly pot


              Offering 27 pounds of capacity, divided into six tanks, the ALDKitchen ALD-CM6M is the largest capacity and most versatile option we found.

              Smallest Capacity: GorillaRock GR-CM3M-S

              GorillaRock GR-CM3M-S
              GorillaRock GR-CM3M-S
              • Offering smallest capacity - 13.2 pounds of total capacity
              • Easy to control – the water level markings
              • No complaints

              The GorillaRock GR-CM3M-S offers the smallest capacity, 3 tanks – 13.2 pounds, in the field of commercial-use automated chocolate tempering machines.

              It is well-constructed, food-grade, energy-efficient, and easy to clean.

              Like other counterparts in its field, this model features a water-heating system, but in U-shape, not M-shape as usual. We appreciate the water level markings that tell you about the maximum and minimum acceptable water level for the operations.

              GorillaRock GR-CM3M-S Specifications


              24 x 9 x 7 inches


              3-tank (6 kg)

              Temperature Range

              0-80 degrees C

              Highlight Features

              13.2 pounds of total capacity

              the water level markings


              Of all the smallest capacity chocolate tempering machines we tested, the GorillaRock GR-CM3M-S is the best performer.

              Single Pot: GorillaRock GR-D20049

              GorillaRock GR-D20049
              GorillaRock GR-D20049
              • Ideal for in-home chocolate-making hobbyists - 4.5 pounds of capacity, one pot
              • Easy to use - a power switch and a temperature adjusting knob
              • No burnt chocolate – nonstick coating pan design
              • The temperature needs to be more accurate

              Unlike the three above, this is a manual single-pot chocolate tempering machine controlled by a power switch and a temperature adjusting knob.

              It’s also the smallest capacity – 4.5 pounds, one pot - in its field, which is ideal for in-home chocolate-making hobbyists. No burns found during our testing, all thanks to the nonstick coating of the pan.

              Last but not least, the beautiful design makes it a nice accent in your kitchen.

              GorillaRock GR-D20049 Specifications


              9 x 6.5 x 6 inches


              4.5 lbs. (1.2 kg)

              Temperature Range

              30-85 degrees C (86-185 degrees F)

              Highlight Features

              4.5 pounds of capacity, one pot

              a power switch and a temperature adjusting knob

              nonstick coating pan design


              If you are in search for the best single-pot chocolate tempering machine, consider the GorillaRock GR-D20049

              Fast Heating: ALDKitchen ALD-D20048

              ALDKitchen ALD-D20048
              ALDKitchen ALD-D20048
              • Fast heating in only 10-20 minutes
              • Able to melt two different kinds of chocolate simultaneously – two pots
              • Great control – separate power switch and temperature-adjusting knob for each pot
              • Tricky to control the temperature
              • The lid could be sturdier

              This model is suitable for those who want to melt small amounts of two different chocolates – like dark chocolate and white chocolate - at a time.

              It’s a manual two-pot machine with separate power switch and temperature-adjusting knob for each. The total capacity it offers is 4.5 pounds.

              The heating time required is only 10-20 minutes, which is impeccably fast.

              ALDKitchen ALD-D20048 Specifications


              14 x 9 x 6 inches


              4.5 lbs. (2.4 kg)

              Temperature Range

              30-85 degrees C (86-185 degrees F)

              Highlight Features

              Heating in 10-20 minutes

              Two pots

              Separate control buttons


              The Fast-Heating ALDKitchen ALD-D20048 can help make more batches of chocolate in a shorter time and serve your guests better.

              Evenly Heating: Gdrasuya10 Chocolate Melting Pot

              Gdrasuya10 Chocolate Melting Pot
              Gdrasuya10 Chocolate Melting Pot
              • Evenly heating – the M-shaped water-heating tube
              • Easy to use – automated construction
              • Unable to make different kinds of chocolate at one time

              We highly recommend the Gdrasuya10 Chocolate Melting Pot for those who prefer a water-heating system to keep their chocolate evenly heated and silky.

              Don’t worry, its M-shaped heating tube is attested to be 20% faster and more energy-efficient than other heating types.

              Take note that this is a one-pot automated chocolate tempering machine, which means you can only make one kind of chocolate at a time. In turn, it can make a bigger batch, up to 17.6 pounds.

              The automated construction makes it easy to operate and less guesswork, so your finished product is tastier, silkier, and more appealing.

              Gdrasuya10 Chocolate Melting Pot Specifications


              8 kg & 1 tank

              Highlight Features

              the M-shaped water-heating tube

              automated construction


              For a convenient, user-friendly, and evenly-heating chocolate tempering machine, check out the Gdrasuya10 Chocolate Melting Pot

              How To Choose The Best Chocolate Tempering Machine?

              Size and Capacity

              When it comes to chocolate tempering machines, the capacity ranges are varied, from a few cups to nearly 30 pounds.

              Your choice depends on your purpose of use: home use or commercial use.

              If you plan to make small quantities of chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth, then opt for a small capacity machine (around 4.5 to 7 pounds).

              On the other hand, if you make chocolate for a small business, it’s great to choose a machine with larger capacity (more than 7 pounds).

              “It’s not always good to go for the largest capacity” – they say – and that’s true in this case.

              Take note that the larger the capacity, the bulkier and the heavier the machine. That then means you’ll need to find a larger counter space for the machine and do more wrestling when you want to move it around.

              Automatic vs. Manual

              There are two types of chocolate tempering machine: Automatic and Manual.

              The automatic models are effortless to use because all you need to do is switch the power on and set the desired temperature, then the machine will do the rest for you. No guesswork. No babysitting.

              However, they are expensive.

              This is a great option for people who have a loose budget, beginners, and multi-taskers.

              The manual models are on the cheaper side. They are suitable for those who are professional at making chocolate and want to enjoy doing some small batches of home-made chocolate on a special occasion.

              They obviously require more babysitting to check and adjust the temperature on your own. But it’s fun.

              Temperature Settings

              Basic chocolates require basic temperature settings (usually 1-2).

              The more complex the chocolate making process, the more the temperature settings required.

              If you intend to make different types of chocolate ranging from basic to complex, it’d be best to opt for a comprehensive machine that can help you warm, heat, and melt a wide range of foodstuffs.

              Overall, determine your needs before considering this element.

              Ease Of Use

              We find that, regardless of how functional a chocolate tempering machine is, it will be as good as useless if the user doesn’t know how to use it.

              Therefore, you should choose a machine that is intuitive to read and understand the settings with no difficulty.

              Which Brands Make The Best Chocolate Tempering Machine?


              VEVOR is the leader in the equipment and tools industry. What set them apart from the competition are global warehouses, flexible payment methods, premium quality, and affordability.


              An international company dedicated to manufacturing professional kitchen appliances.

              They are trusted and beloved by worldwide customers for providing proven high-quality products at highly competitive prices thanks to the tested and dependable suppliers and manufacturers.

              They also receive recognition for instant and helpful after-sale services.


              Is a chocolate tempering machine worth it?

              Yes, it is.

              A good chocolate tempering machine is definitely worth considering because it helps the tempering process accurately and less babysitting, so you’ll get more free time.

              Can I temper chocolate in the microwave?

              Despite not being as efficient to temper chocolate in a dedicated machine, it’s possible to do that in a microwave. Here is how:

              Break chocolate into itty-bitty pieces. Then, melt 2/3 of them in your microwave on 50% power for 60-second intervals. Between each interval, stir vigorously the chocolate to prevent scorching.

              Finally, remove from the microwave, then mix it with the unmelted chocolate. Keep stirring until the texture is smooth.

              What temperature should chocolate be tempered at?

              While chocolate should be tempered at 105-115°F and the temperature ranges for dark chocolate are 120-130°F.

              In conclusion, it depends on the chocolate type and the step in the process you’re on.

              How can I temper chocolate without a thermometer?

              What kind of chocolate is best for tempering and molding?

              The best kind of chocolate for tempering and molding is real chocolate, not compound chocolate.


              We believe that if using the best chocolate tempering machine, you don’t need to be a well-versed chocolatier to make fantastically tasteful batches. More evenly, it helps the quality between batches is consistent.

              Hopefully, our picks and buying guide come in handy for you in your decision-making process. Thanks for reading!

              Jane Orta
              Jane Orta

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