Best Cheese Grater For Cheddar of 2022: Top 6 Picks

Last update: 2022-12-01

Cheddar cheese is a wonderful choice to mix with many dishes like sprinkling on the top of pizza. However, with the unique texture of this type of cheese, it’s difficult to choose the best cheese grater for cheddar. If you are in this trouble, you can refer to the top 6 graters that I learn about each feature below:

Here are the best cheese graters for cheddar you can buy in 2022:

  • Easy To Clean (Hand Grater): OXO
  • Big And Ultra-Sharp (Hand Grater): KitchenAid
  • Durable (Hand Grater): K BASIX
  • Easy To Assemble (Rotary Grater): Cambom
  • Fast Cutting (Rotary Grater): Geedel
  • Sturdy (Rotary Grater): TONMA
6 Best Cheese Graters For Cheddar
Easy To Clean
  • Hand Grater
Big And Ultra-Sharp
  • Hand Grater
  • Hand Grater
Easy To Assemble
  • Rotary Grater
Fast Cutting
  • Rotary Grater
  • Rotary Grater

Easy To Clean: OXO

  • Easy to use
  • Super sharp
  • Straightforward to hold
  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Without being careful, it can hurt your fingers easily

The OXO Hand Grater is made from stainless steel that is easy to clean by wiping away unwanted spots with a cloth. Also, this design is simple without having hidden corners like a box grater, so you can clean it straightforwardly and quickly.

Although according to the manufacturer, it’s safe to wash in the top rack of your dishwasher, customers said that they can easily and quickly clean this tool by hand or in the dishwasher.

OXO Specifications


5.6 ounces


1 inch x 4.09 inches x 13.58 inches


Stainless steel

Highlight Features

Sharp grating surface

Protective cover

Non-slip foot and handle


Whether your OXO Hand Grater machine has light spots or an obstinate stain, you can effortlessly clean them.

Big And Ultra-Sharp: KitchenAid

  • Sturdy without bending
  • Effortless to use and clean
  • Heavy-duty plastic
  • Expensive

The KitchenAid Hand Grater is an industrial sized grater. Its ultra-sharp blades allow you to grate hard cheese fastly. Meanwhile, its 4 large grating surfaces let you handle sizable pieces of cheese to produce more cheeses, so you can serve a large group of people quickly.

KitchenAid Specifications


1.1 pounds


5.25 inches x 6.5 inches x 10.3 inches


Stainless Steel

Highlight Features

Rust-resistant grating surface

3-cup container


KitchenAid Hand Grater helps you handle big hard blocks of cheese simply, easily and quickly.

Durable: K BASIX

  • Well-made
  • Safe
  • Sturdy handle
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Small size

If you make a wrong purchase, your hand grater can straightforwardly bend when you put too much pressure on it. This hand tool won’t easily cause a similar accident.

It has a sturdy construction with a reinforced frame that adds stability and minimizes vibration while in use.

Its commercial grade stainless steel is more durable than regular types, so you can use this model for a long time.

K BASIX Specifications


3.52 ounces


10.51 inches x 2.72 inches x 0.94 inches


Stainless steel

Highlight Features

Ergonomic design

Wide and sharp blades

Reinforced frame


K BASIX Hand Grater is long-lasting thanks to its durable material and sturdy construction.

Easy To Assemble: Cambom

  • Easy to use
  • Very solid
  • Reasonable price
  • Hard to clean

Why don’t you invest in a rotary grater while you know that it’s very convenient to use?

Most people have a similar problem. You must install it while you can immediately use the hand grater after opening the package.

However, this effort and time are worth it in exchange for convenience, quickness and ease. The assembly is simple. The package includes a base, a jar, a food pusher, a handle, and 3 blades. Here is how to assemble this tool:

Simply, put the base and the jar together

Choose your favorite blade to put it inside the jar

Put the handle into the model until you hear the click sound

The food pusher is used to push food down while grating

In case you aren't clear, you can refer to an assembly video of this product on the Internet.

Cambom Specifications


2.03 pounds


11.02 x 6.3 x 5.12 inches


Plastic and stainless steel

Highlight Features

Round drum slicer blades


Cambom Rotary Grater takes less time and effort on your end to assemble this convenient grater.

Fast Cutting: Geedel

  • Dishwasher-safe
  • BPA-free
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Effortless to shred
  • Solid
  • Produces too thin slices

Are you in need of a tool that can produce pieces as fast as possible?

If yes, the Geedel rotary cheese grater can shorten your cooking time because it produces fast cutting. Specifically, its unique rotating cutting design can help you cut your foods 12 times quicker than a knife.

Geedel Specifications


9.6 ounces


4.68 x 3.51 x 8.24 inches



Highlight Features

Rotating cutting design


3 drum blades


The Geedel Rotary Grater helps you cut your cheddar cheese quicker to shorten your cooking time.

Sturdy: TONMA

  • Strong, sturdy, and simple design
  • Reasonably sharp blades
  • Highly functional
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Not easy to use

According to customers, TONMA Rotary Grater has a sturdy construction and everything happens for a reason:

Unlike other plastic models, this tool is made from 100% of 304 stainless steel that is a durable material, resisting corrosion and oxidation, so you will have a very sturdy grater.

TONMA Specifications


14.9 ounces


8.07 x 2.44 x 3.22 inches


18/8 Steel

Highlight Features

Multi-purpose design

Razor-sharp blades

Ergonomic design and extended handle


TONMA Rotary Grater is a worthy and long-term investment thanks to its high level of sturdiness.

How To Choose The Best Cheese Grater For Cheddar?

What Is The Design Of A Cheese Grater For Cheddar?

The cheddar cheese has a hard and firm texture. When grating, you need to put more effort on your part to push the cheese block onto the grating surface. If your grater isn’t sturdy and durable enough, it’s very easy for your fingers to be slid on sharp blades and be hurt.

Thus, when choosing a cheese grater for cheddar, consider a tool that has supportive parts to keep the model in place. For example, if you buy a box grater, pick up one with a handle on the top to grip the tool tighter. For a hand grater, choose one with a reinforced frame to add more support for more sturdy and durable.

How Is Your Cheddar Packed?

Cheddar blocks are vacuum-sealed in plastic without being exposed to air during ripening, so it has a smoother and more moist exterior than other types. With this type, harden it in your freezer for a certain amount of time before grating. Or you shouldn’t grate it with a box grater because soft cheese can get stuck inside the holes. Instead, the Boska cheese grater is a better choice since it is made from non-stick materials.

Clothbound cheddar is a cheese wheel which is wrapped in cotton cloth to minimize moisture loss. It forms a hard rind to protect aging cheese from unpredictable weather. You need to choose a grater that can handle both the moist texture inside and the hard rind outside.

How Big Is Your Cheddar?

If you cut your cheddar block into too small pieces or you have the remaining small pieces of cheddar, you shouldn’t grate your cheddar by using a microplane that is designed with many super sharp blades to handle hard and dense cheese. It is easy to grate your fingers when grating small items.

How Much Cheese Do You Need?

If you just need a small amount of grated cheese, a small handheld grater is a perfect and budget-friendly solution. But, to serve many people in a short time, invest in a box grater or a rotary grater.

Which Brands Make The Best Cheese Grater For Cheddar?


Geedel has over 26 years of producing kitchen appliances. Some of their product lines include cheese grater, food chopper, and French fry cutter.

Although this is a new brand, all of their products are made from premium materials, no secondary-used and toxic materials. They have a professional team to design their new products.


Can you grate cheddar cheese?


If your young cheddar cheese is too soft, you can harden it by putting it in your freezer for 15 minutes.

For old and hard cheddar, use a grater with sharp blades.

What type of cheese grater is best?

This depends on your needs. Check the features of each type to pick up the most suitable one:

Box Grater

This type comes with differently textured surfaces that are ideal for different purposes: grating cheeses, hard vegetables, zesting citrus fruits, and grating whole nutmeg. However, this tool isn’t the best for soft cheeses because it can get stuck inside the holes.

Boska Cheese Grater

This grater has a compact size, so it’s easy to store and use. Thanks to a simple design and non-stick material, you can grate cheese without sticking to the grater holes. But, it isn’t as versatile as a box grater.


The microplane grater is created from hundreds of tiny and super sharp blades, so it’s best to shave dense and hard cheeses. It grates your cheese into thin pieces so that you can feel a melt-in-your mouth texture.

It’s straightforward to store and use this tool. Because of a compact and simple design, you can store it everywhere. For use, the microplane allows you to grate in both directions. Apart from cheeses, you can use it for zesting citrus fruits, ginger and garlic, and grating nutmeg.

However, I don’t highly recommend this product for grating soft cheeses, since it’s dangerous. Without being careful, it can grate your fingers when you put too much pressure on small items.

Handheld Cheese Grater

This type looks like the microplane, but it comes with a convenient cover that can protect the grating surface when not in use and your hands better. Besides, its spadelike blade is used to cut slices. While the non-slip handle helps you grip more comfortably, the non-slip foot supports you to control better.

Rotary Cheese Grater

The rotary cheese grater is efficient to handle a large amount of hard and firm cheese smoothly and quickly. It suits people who need to make enormous meals regularly.

Although it takes more room in your cupboard, this design is safer than a microplane. It’s useful to grate hard things such as nuts and hard chocolate.

This tool has 2 parts. If you lose one of them, another will be useless. Plus, because of its design, it’s difficult to clean.

Are rotary cheese graters worth it?

Yes. They can grate your cheeses and other ingredients more effortlessly and quicker.

How do I use a cheese grater?

For soft cheeses, freeze them within 30’

Tightly grip your cheese grater

Hold your cheese block firmly

Slide the cheese block across holes on the grater to get long and thin slices of cheese (wide slots). While large holes are designed to shred a very soft cheese, small holes in the grater can create very small pieces of cheese to sprinkle them on the top of pasta.

Clean your grater

Should I get a 4-sided box grater?

Yes, if you need to use it for more tasks than just shredding cheese.


In sum, the best cheese grater for cheddar must help you handle cheddar texture without requiring you too much strength on the cheese to slide it on the grating surface. Of course, it also should be supportive and protective enough to not cause any unwanted accidents. Now, you know how to choose the right one, it's your turn to make a decision.

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