6 Best American-Made Cast-Iron Skillets of 2023

Last update: 2023-03-24

If your goal is to find the best American-made cast-iron skillet on the market, then the following picks and tips of our experts might help. We’ve spent some time researching, testing, and compiling the top-rated options for years.

Here are the best american-made cast-iron skillets you can buy in 2023:

  • Best For High Heat: Lodge INLODGE.L8SK3
  • Best For Campfire/ Oven: Lodge L17SK3PLT
  • Best For Roasting: Lodge L8DSK3PLT
  • Best For Searing: FINEX S12-10001
  • Fast Heating: Lancaster Cast-Iron Lightweight Skillet
  • Best For Even Heat Distribution: FINEX SL14-10001
6 Best American-Made Cast-Iron Skillets
Best For High Heat
    Best For Campfire/ Oven
    Lodge L17SK3PLT
      Best For Roasting
      Lodge L8DSK3PLT
        Best For Searing
        FINEX S12-10001
          Fast Heating
          Lancaster Cast-Iron Lightweight Skillet
            Best For Even Heat Distribution
            FINEX SL14-10001

              Best For High Heat: Lodge INLODGE.L8SK3

              Lodge INLODGE.L8SK3
              Lodge INLODGE.L8SK3
              • Work well on high heat - rugged, cast-iron material
              • Versatile – compatible with induction cooktops, ovens, and grills
              • Very budget-friendly
              • It takes a long time to heat up
              • A bit heavy

              If you are looking for a budget-friendly cast iron skillet that can be used on any heat source and work perfectly on high heat, the Lodge INLODGE.L8SK3 is an excellent choice.

              This model is made of rugged, cast-iron material - which is very long-lasting and good at heat distribution. It's also a great performer in high heat and a 500-degree oven. You can cook steaks or stir-fry in this pan without fear of overheating it or producing toxic fumes, as can happen with Teflon pans.

              The vegetable oil pre-seasoned finish also works well.

              This versatile skillet is great for induction cooktops and can be used over a campfire, on the grill, on the stove, or in the oven.

              Lodge INLODGE.L8SK3 Specifications


              2 inches


              10.25 Cubic Inches

              Compatible Stovetops

              Induction cooktops

              Highlight Features

              rugged, cast-iron material

              compatible with induction cooktops, ovens, and grills


              If you are seeking an American-made cast-iron skillet for high heat, the Lodge INLODGE.L8SK3 is one to check out.

              Best For Campfire/ Oven: Lodge L17SK3PLT

              Lodge L17SK3PLT
              Lodge L17SK3PLT
              • Ample cooking surface - a diameter of 17 inches
              • Maneuverable - the dynamic 2-loop handles
              • Oven-safe & Easy to clean
              • Heavy
              • Cumbersome & a bit hard to store away

              With its large cooking surface and ergonomic design, the Lodge L17SK3PLT is perfect for cooking on any grill, charcoal, or gas - even a wood campfire.

              This skillet has a diameter of 17 inches, providing ample cooking surface for all your favorite recipes. This size is also perfect for making a big breakfast if you have a crowded family.

              Besides, the dynamic 2-loop handles make it easy to maneuver, even when your hands are full.

              Cleaning up is so easy, which is a big bonus point.

              Lodge L17SK3PLT Specifications


              17 Inches




              7.5 Liters

              Compatible Stovetops

              Gas Stovetop Compatible

              Highlight Features

              a diameter of 17 inches

              the dynamic 2-loop handles

              Oven-safe & Easy to clean


              If you frequently use your cast-iron skillet in an oven or campfire, the Lodge L17SK3PLT is our go-to.

              Best For Roasting: Lodge L8DSK3PLT

              Lodge L8DSK3PLT
              Lodge L8DSK3PLT
              • Ideal for roasting – 3-inch super-deep sides
              • Easy to hold or transport - opposite helper handle
              • A bit heavy

              The Lodge L8DSK3PLT is a well-made cast iron skillet with super-deep sides, making it perfect for roasting.

              It's 10.25 inches in size, 3 inches in depth, and has a 3-liter capacity, which does a great job in moderate-sized cooking tasks.

              It is a little bit on the heavy side, but the helper handle really comes in handy, so transporting it from the stovetop to the table is a breeze.

              The price is great!

              Lodge L8DSK3PLT Specifications


              10.25 Inches


              3 inches


              3 Liters

              Compatible Stovetops

              Gas Stovetop Compatible

              Highlight Features

              3-inch super-deep sides

              opposite helper handle


              We were pleasantly impressed by the superior performance of the Lodge L8DSK3PLT when using it for roasting foods.

              Best For Searing: FINEX S12-10001

              FINEX S12-10001
              FINEX S12-10001
              • Best for searing - a thick base and walls
              • Easy to pour sauces or liquid food - an octagonal "multi-pour" design
              • Safe for holding - a sturdy and speed-cool handle
              • Pricey
              • Not easy to clean

              The FINEX S12-10001 is a thick, 12"-size cast-iron skillet that can work well on all cooktops, including induction, electric, and gas ranges.

              It features a thick base and walls, an octagonal "multi-pour" design, an ultra-polished cooking surface, and a speed-cool handle wound from 300 series stainless steel.

              It's also oven-safe.

              All are made for everyday use, whether it's baking bread, roasting veggies, frying chops, or searing steaks.

              The only issue? It's pricey. This option is best for those who don't mind spending extra for a daily-use cast-iron skillet that stands the test of time.

              FINEX S12-10001 Specifications


              12 Inches


              3.9 inches

              Highlight Features

              a thick base and walls

              an octagonal "multi-pour" design

              a sturdy and speed-cool handle


              The FINEX S12-10001 is our solid pick for searing

              Fast Heating: Lancaster Cast-Iron Lightweight Skillet

              Lancaster Cast-Iron Lightweight Skillet
              Lancaster Cast-Iron Lightweight Skillet
              • Fast-heating - high-quality materials
              • Easy to maneuver - lightweight 4.5-pound design
              • Wish the handle was longer

              Made from high-quality materials, the Lancaster Cast-Iron Lightweight Skillet stands out from the competition for its incredibly quick response to heat while still inheriting the signature heat retention of cast-iron cookware. As a result, it gives you better control while cooking.

              The lightweight 4.5-pound design is another highlight feature of this skillet.

              It brings an easy and enjoyable cooking experience and is a life-saver for people with weak wrists or arthritis issues.

              Lancaster Cast-Iron Lightweight Skillet Specifications


              10.5 inches


              2 inches


              4.5 Pounds

              Highlight Features

              high-quality materials

              lightweight 4.5-pound design


              We love the fast-heating capability of the Lancaster Cast-Iron Lightweight Skillet, making it easy to control when you’re cooking with it.

              Best For Even Heat Distribution: FINEX SL14-10001

              FINEX SL14-10001
              FINEX SL14-10001
              • Even heat distribution - thick, heavy-gauge cast iron
              • Easy to use a flat spatula – angled-side design
              • Better slow-cooking experience - dual rings on the lid
              • Expensive
              • Heavyweight

              If you're a shopper serious about the heat distribution capability of cast-iron skillets, the FINEX SL14-10001 won't get you bored or disappointed.

              It's made from thick, heavy-gauge cast iron that distributes heat very much better than lower-end models. Therefore, it offers stronger searing and more even cooking.

              Besides, this skillet boasts angled sides for ease of getting a flat spatula under food, and dual rings on the underside of the lid for collecting steam better to avoid the soggy edges, and dry center that can occur in some slow cooking.

              The spring handle ensures that the skillet stays cool to the touch even when heated.

              FINEX SL14-10001 Specifications



              Highlight Features

              thick, heavy-gauge cast iron

              angled-side design

              dual rings on the lid


              When it comes to even heat distribution, we find no other cast-iron skillets on the market can beat the FINEX SL14-10001

              How To Choose The Best American-Made Cast-Iron Skillet?


              When it comes to capacity, you'll want to choose a skillet that is large enough to accommodate the food you'll be cooking.

              Choose a larger skillet (11-14”) if you're cooking for a family or large group. A smaller skillet (8-10”) will do if you're only cooking for one or two people.


              As far as shape goes, there are three main types of cast iron skillets: round, oval, and square.

              • Round skillets are the most common type and are great for cooking a variety of foods.
              • Oval skillets are ideal for cooking larger items like roasts and chickens.
              • Square skillets are perfect for cooking multiple items at once or for making grilled sandwiches.

              Purpose Of Use

              When looking for the best American-made cast iron skillet, think about what you will be using the skillet for.

              If you plan on using it for everyday cooking, then you will want a skillet that is easy to clean and maintain.

              If you plan on using it primarily for baking, look for one with a deeper design.

              On the contrary, a shallower model will suffice if you'll be using it mostly for frying or sautéing.

              Other Factors


              When it comes to finding the best cast iron skillet, weight is an important factor to consider.

              A heavier skillet will be more durable and last longer, while a lighter one will be easier to maneuver.

              But it’s worth noting that a heavier cast-iron skillet is more tiring to hold when you’re cooking. If you have weak wrist and arm or suffer from arthritis issues, it’s recommended picking a lightweight model.

              If you're not sure how heavy a skillet should be, ask the salesperson for help in choosing the right one for your needs.

              Pre-Seasoned Finish

              Pre-seasoned finish is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a cast iron skillet.

              This is because the pre-seasoning process helps to create a natural non-stick surface on the cast iron cookware, which is ideal for cooking. It also helps to protect the skillet from rust and other damaging effects of moisture.


              While cast iron skillets can range in price from around $30 to $100 or more, it's important to find one that's affordable for you.

              Keep in mind that the more expensive skillets tend to be of better quality, so it's worth it to invest in a higher-end model if you can.

              Which Brands Make The Best American-Made Cast-Iron Skillet?


              Started in 1896, Lodge is one of America's manufacturers of cast iron cookware, and the company is still owned and managed by the Lodge family.

              Lodges' cookware products are considered some of the best American-made skillets on the market, with unrivaled durability and versatility.

              Their foundry is based in Tennessee, which has been operating since Lodge was founded.


              Inspired by the hardworking history of American cast iron, FINEX is one of the most outstanding cast-iron skillet manufacturers in modern life. They reinvent cast iron cookware and impress worldwide's cooking enthusiasts with their modern, stylish, and practical designs.


              Founded in 2018 and with solid commitment of providing just the top-notch quality cast-iron cookware, Lancaster has been widely beloved. Their products are very smooth and lightweight yet durable, along with unique design.


              Is Lodge cast iron Made in the USA or China?

              Lodge cast-iron pots and pans have been made in the USA since 1896.

              Why is Lodge cast iron so cheap?

              Lodge cast-iron cookware is so cheap because they are all made in the USA, which reduces the shipping cost to stores and shoppers compared to China.

              Can you boil water in cast iron?

              Of course you can. Water doesn't do any harm to the seasoning layer like the way soap or dishwasher do.

              Can you use soap on cast iron?

              Yes, you can. As long as you don't leave the cookware in soapy water, which can cause it to rust. However, you'll need to season your skillet afterwards to keep it nonstick.

              What can you not cook in cast iron?

              You shouldn’t cook acidic foods, delicate fish, sticky foods, eggs, and smelly foods in cast-iron pans.


              Selecting the best American-made cast-iron skillet for your needs can be a challenge, with numerous options on the market. Our comparative review has something for everyone, from the fastest-heating option to the one with even heat distribution. Hopefully, our review list helped you find the right one for you easily. Thanks for reading!

              Jane Orta
              Jane Orta

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